Hey, beauties out there!!

Hope you all doing well. I try to make you aware of beauty related tips. Here I am not going to tell you to drink a lot of water or to eat healthily!

Hello, I know it’s 2021 and we all know this stuff. Instead, I am going to tell you some amazing simple skincare habits which I follow to take care of my skin. I keep a check on everything that I do with my skin. So with that said, I am going to reveal my skincare habits which I have been following for years.


Winter makes our skin dry, so it is imperative to use a face wash. While purchasing a face wash check the ingredient and be sure that it is sulfate and parabean free. Always prefer a gentle face wash which can help to remove dryness and even adds moisture to your skin. There are so many face washes available in the market. You need to figure out the best one for your skin. Now let’s talk about another important thing regarding face wash is how to use it? You should never wash down the product it leads to wrinkles. If you do that, stop doing it right away. Always wash your face in the upward direction. Massage your face wash with gentle circular motions.

When to Exfoliate

Exfoliating your skin is one thing everyone talks about. But no one tells us that over-exfoliation can do just the opposite to it. I still remember my college days when I used to exfoliate my skin regularly and to my shock, it did so much damage to my skin. Daily exfoliation does a lot of damage to your skin making it dry and giving breakouts. Excessive exfoliation allows more bacteria and dirt to get into your skin which is one of the reasons for acne. You need to exfoliate your skin once a week but not more than that. While exfoliating your face never neglect your neck and be gentle to your skin.

You have been moisturizing the wrong way

Say bye-bye to dryness. If your skin is dry or super dry like mine then I will tell you something which will help you get a moisturized skin this winter. Whichever moisturizer suits you take that in a lot of quantity in your palm and apply a thick layer of it on your neck and face. Leave it like this for at least 10 minutes. Do not rub it or massage it on your face. After 10 minutes you will notice that all the moisturizer is absorbed by your skin. Make this a regular habit. Do it every day and you will get a moisturized skin.

Hot water takes away all the moisture

Do not go for the extremely hot water bath. Hot water opens the pores which results in strawberry skin issues. It even removes the natural oil and moisture of the face. If you wash your face with hot water then it will make your skin dry. Instead of hot water make it a habit to use lukewarm water in winters. This will help you in not washing off all the moisture and nourishment of your face.

When to apply moisturizer or serum

Always pat dry your face and neck or let it dry naturally. And when your skin is damp then apply your moisturizer or serum. Damp skin will help in easy application of the product and even makes absorption easy for your skin. Do not rub the products vigorously on your face. It can damage your skin. Instead, apply the product on damp skin and pat it or massage it in a gentle circular motion.

Sunscreen or no sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must. Whether it’s rainy, summer, autumn, or winter season. It does not make any change. Sunscreen is an important food for your skin. Whether you are at home or going out do apply sunscreen. Always include sunscreen in your skincare regime. If you are going out then apply sunscreen half an hour before going out. Sun rays are very harmful to your skin. Sunscreen act as a layer on your skin that protects your skin from the harsh rays.

Do follow these simple skincare tips and make it a habit to do these every single day. It takes 21 days to either make or break a habit. Skincare is very important to me. It is important that we take care of our skin inside and even outside. Start following these from today and thank me later.

Thank you!

Nawabi Banarsi