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You are reading this post it means either you want to buy this product and want to know the review or you have already bought it and want to know how to use it. Now let me tell you first that your all questions regarding this product will be answered in this section. Before giving my reviews I would like to bring to your notice that I am writing this post after using the products for a MONTH. So whatever I am going to tell you will not be based on my one or two-time use of the products. I will try to answer everything in detail regarding both the products.

Everyone was talking so much about the brand and the products that I had to give them a try. I placed the order and then received the products within a week. I was super excited to use them. I am someone who is obsessed with masks and serum. I love using different types of masks whether it is a sheet mask or clay mask. I apply it on my face, light up some candles, play music, place rose water-dipped cotton balls on my eyes, and pamper myself. This mask was recommended a lot on Instagram and YouTube which actually in the end made me purchase them. I guess enough of talking now, let’s begin with the review!!

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All skin types, all gender, and all age groups people can use it. 


Step 1: First you need to wash your face using a face wash. Use a face wash according to your skin type.

Step 2: After cleaning your face spread the mask evenly on your face. The mask contains a cute little
brush to apply the mask. Using the brush apply the mask.

Step 3: Close your eyes and sit back and relax for 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 4: Remove the mask with a warm wet towel or cotton pad or you can even wash your face with
normal water.

Step 5: Shake the bottle of your serum, pump out a few drops of serum on your palm. Using your fingers
apply dots all over your face and neck and then gently pat it on your face in an upward direction until
your serum gets completely absorbed in your skin.

Step 6: This last step is very important to get the best result. Apply moisturizer on your face. Do not rub
it on your face. Instead, pat it on your face.

VERDICT: If you want to buy something for your skin that makes it bright and radiant then you can
definitely go for these two. It smells good and makes your skin healthy, moisturized, and even prevents
signs of premature aging. Things I do not appreciate about the product is that the mask dries out too

TIP: Use it twice a day for better results and after using them do not forget to apply moisturizer followed
with sunscreen.

Link to buy the product: Buy PROLIXR Sea Algae Face Mask + Vitamin C Serum for All Skin Type Combo Pack Online at Low Prices in India – Amazon.in

Thank you for reading!