Dot and Key Face Serum – Best to Remove Acne Spots

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Today I am back with another product which won my heart. If you are facing pigmentation or acne then you must check out this post. Due to our modern lifestyle we have done mess with our health and skin plus pollution adds more damage to it. We are more into junk nowdays which do not add any nutrition to our skin. Due to this we face acne, pigmentation, dull and dry skin. Today I am going to express my views on Dot and Key face serum which is becoming star of my skincare routine. I would like to bring to your notice that I am writing this post after using the entire product. So whatever I am going to tell you will not be based on my one or two-time use of this product. I will try to answer everything in detail regarding this product. I came to know about the product which window shopping on Nayka. Yes, come on, we all do it, right? I thought of trying it and placed the order. I had already tried few products of the same brand and I was satisfied with it so I got so much influenced that even I thought of trying the product. Being an influencer I love trying new products and making you aware about its benefits. Okay, cutting long drama short, let’s get directly to the product!

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This is Dot and Key Skincare 10% Vitamin C+E Super Bright Face Serum 5% Niacinamide Blood Orange and Pumpkin Face Serum. It contains 3-O Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin E, Niacinamide, Blood Orange, Pumpkin Ceramides, Kakadu Plum. It is free from sulphates, parabens, silicones, synthetic dyes, fragrances free oils and alcohol. It targets dullness, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, early age signs, dark spots and acne scars, open pores and free radical damage. The net weight of the product is 30ml and the price of the product is Rs. 695. 


Step 1: First wash your face using gentle face wash. Do not apply it on dirty skin. Make sure if you removed all your makeup.

Step 2: After washing your face let it dry a bit. 

Step 3: Take 2-3 drops of the serum and apply it to your face.

Step 4: Pat it slowly for better absorption.

Step 5: After it apply moisturizer and sunscreen. 


When you see the price it may seem heavy on the pocket but face serum come in this range only so it can be called as a budget-friendly face serum. It helps to fight pigmentation and dark spots, gives visibly brighter skin and anyone can use it. It is fragrance free and the consistency of the product is also balanced neither too thick nor too liquid which makes absorption quite easy. The best thing about the face serum is that it is suitable for all skin type.  

VERDICT: If you are one like me who follow proper skin care routine then make this part of your morning and night skincare routine for better results.  

TIP: Always patch test before using.

Link to buy the product:

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