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If dandruff keeps bothering you, then you are not alone… I have tried so many products and nothing worked for me. I also felt cheated by claims
from brands like “Up to 100% dandruff free” realizing the truth later…

I am happy to share my experience with this German skin care brand – SEBAMED… I started using Sebamed Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and found that it actually delivers what it claims – “Confirmed Effectiveness of 50% dandruff reduction in 14 days”.

No hidden disclaimers.

Finally, relief from itchy, oily and flaky scalp!!

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Past Experience with Other Brands

I have used so many products to get rid of oily scalp, hairfall, dandruff…. but they did not worked for me.

Top brands claim to reduce dandruff but accompanied with the rider that Upto 100% like : *“Up to 100% dandruff free”. How upto can mean even 0% or even 1%. The claims are soo confusing for a normal user like us.

Introduction to Sebamed Brand

Got to know about the German skin care brand – Sebamed from a friend of mine. It claims to have Confirmed Effectiveness of 50% less dandruff after 14 days of use. After research I came to know that it’s trusted & scientifically proven brand, had delivered what it claims: 50% dandruff reduction in 2 weeks” and that’s when it caught my attention.

Product USP’s

It gives confirmed result of 50% less dandruff within 14 days.

It has got powerful anti-fungal ingredients like Piroctone Olamine which takes care of dry, oily dandruff and has anti dandruff action

It has pH 5.5 which helps keep your scalp at its best state.

Personal Experience

It’s packaging is good as all the required details are mentioned on the package.

It’s Fragnance is quite calming and doesn’t irritate while using.

My hair feel smooth & conditioned after using it.

It is an Anti Dandruff shampoo with PH level of 5.5. The shampoo maintains the scalp’s optimal pH level of 5.5. This ideal pH of 5.5 reduces the growth of dandruff-causing germs, resulting in a 50% reduction in dandruff.


I have tried and I’m happy with the results in just 2 weeks & their claims are actually true…You should also try!!!

Link to buy the product:

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